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Christopher Adams is a Texas-based journalist who spent several years as a staff reporter for two Texas newspapers before transitioning into freelance writing a few years ago. He has written for Culture Crush, Growing America, Ranch & Rural Living Magazine, No Depression, For The Love Of Bands, and Bee Culture.

Why Does Abbott Really Oppose West Texas Nuclear Waste Site?

When it comes to disposable waste, the far reaches of West Texas have been viewed as out-of-sight, out-of-mind wastelands by Austin —...

How Will Ex-Californians Affect the Election in Texas?

California hasn’t fallen into the Pacific, but housing costs and taxes there have plunged into an ocean of unaffordability, sending many of...

Texas’ Failure to Ban Plastic Bags is Stressing the Environment

It doesn’t take 20/20 “environmental” vision to see that the Texas landscape is choking on plastic. Just look left-to-right while driving, and...

Why Are So Many Soldiers Killing Themselves at Fort Hood?

“My name is Patty Troyan, and I am a Gold Star mother. My son was Pfc. Logan Castello. He was stationed at Fort Hood...

Police Reform Advocates Take Aim at Racial Profiling Data

The embers of outrage at police killings and use of force are still glowing strong across the nation as an election like...
Flu Season

Wearing Masks, Social Distancing Can Help Keep the Flu Away, Too

The new flu season began last Thursday, but its impact could be less severe in the time of COVID-19.
Follow up on historic cemetery

What Locals Think of Battle Between Historic Cemeteries, Trump’s Border Wall

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a two-part series on the impact of Trump’s border wall on a small south...

Huge Houston Highway Project Would Cut Congestion, But at What Cost?

The early stages of the pandemic brought some welcome relief from traffic congestion in major cities throughout the nation. But as the...
Border wall threatening historic cemeteries

Historic Cemeteries and Trump’s Border Wall Collide in South Texas

Cemeteries and the wall along the United States-Mexico border don’t seem to have much in common unless the barrier that divides the...
Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Houston Recuperado

Why Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Won’t Come to Texas Anytime Soon

Unfortunately, the coronavirus isn’t the only peril floating around in the environment. Four years ago, the Zika virus became...

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