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Isobella Harkrider is a writer who covers healthcare, education, wellness and other lifestyle news. She's the author of several books and has written for The New York Times, SELF, Parents, SheKnows, Houston Press and others.
vaccine passport

Vaccine Passport, What Is It And Can It Be a Reality Soon For You?

Last month CNN reported that New York became the first state in the U.S. to roll out a digital vaccine passport or...

How Often Will You Need to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine?

When? How often? How many doses? Booster? People are wondering if COVID-19 vaccines will become an annual routine, and drug companies are...
kid alone

UT Study Finds That Harsh Punishment Leads To Antisocial Behavior

A new study conducted by a professor at the University of Texas is based on harsh punishment and its effects on kids’...
COVID-19 Vaccine

Study Finds That COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Moms

Pregnant women were excluded from clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine, therefore, there has been limited data around the safety of the...

Here’s How to Renew Your Texas Drivers License Before Time Runs Out

Updated on March 24st, 2021: If you want to track the status of your registration sticker visit: Dude, Where's My Sticker?

WHO and EMA Say AstraZeneca Vaccine Safe as Europe Lags Behind Vaccine Schedule

The United States is sitting on tens of millions of doses of the British-Swedish AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, however several major European countries...

Eli Lilly Says COVID-19 Therapy Reduces Hospitalizations and Death by 87 Percent

New COVID-19 therapy efficacy and safety data show Eli Lilly’s antibody drug therapy reduces the risk of hospitalizations and death by 87...

UPDATE: New Vaccine Eligibility Opens Up for Phase 1C in Texas, Will You Be...

This story was updated March 10, at 4:15 p.m. DSHS has announced that people 50 and older are eligible...
Johnson&Johnson Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Reactions and CDC Guidance for Those Fully Vaccinated

People eighteen and older can be vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and here is what side effects you can expect.

COVID Variants in Texas and What You Need to Know

This week Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate in Texas and starting March 10th Texans won’t be required to wear a...

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