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Isobella Harkrider is a writer who covers healthcare, education, wellness and other lifestyle news. She's the author of several books and has written for The New York Times, SELF, Parents, SheKnows, Houston Press and others.
Direct Patient Healthcare

New Direct-to-Patient Health Care Platform Takes Off in Texas

“All care. No nonsense.” This is the slogan for a new health care platform that has landed in Houston and provides direct...

Think Texas Summers are Hot Now? Just wait.

Everything isn’t just bigger in Texas — it is about to get a lot warmer, too. Droughts and urban flooding also are...
Pandemic Creepy-Crawly

Noticing More Creepy Crawlies at Home? Here’s What to Do.

Are you noticing more roaches, ants and mice in your home these days? Wizzie Brown, AgriLife Extension integrated pest...
Vanessa Guillen

I Am Vanessa Guillén Bill Introduced in Congress

With the Guillén family on hand, U.S. Reps Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma) and Jackie Speier (D-California) introduced the I Am Vanessa Guillen Act...
San Antonio Sundown City

San Antonio Group is Warning Black People About Police

San Antonio is being called a “sundown town” by the Defund SAPD Coalition, which is warning Black residents and visitors about police...
Some Texas School Teachers

Some Texas Teachers Are Starting the Year With Huge Salary Hikes

Some of Texas’ best educators will see a hike in their pay this fall. The Teacher Incentive Allotment approved during the last...
Turn Your Lights Off

Turn Your Lights Off to Help Millions of Birds Migrate Safely Through Texas

We are currently in a critical time for bird migration through Texas, and there is one simple thing you can do to...

When Should I Get My Flu shot?

While there isn’t yet a vaccine for the coronavirus, there is one for the flu. But when should you get it?
Don't Mess with Texas

New Don’t Mess with Texas Campaign Focuses on Discarded PPE

The pandemic has come with litter. Face masks in gutters, gloves left in grass at the side of the road, and discarded...
Sex Ed

Texas Education Board OKs New Sex Ed Plan for Middle School, Leaves out LGBTQ...

The Texas State Board of Education has voted to teach middle school age students about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy...

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