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2021 Texas Legislative Session Bills

2021 Texas Legislative Session Bills to Watch

gun and knife

Texas is Aiming to Make Killing People Easier

Sometimes our state just lives up to its stereotypes, and one of the ways we do so currently is the disturbingly high...

The Upcoming Bills That May Decrease Voter Suppression in Texas

The 87th Texas Legislature has a lot on its plate, to put it mildly. In addition to the redrawing of districts, the ongoing...
Hospital beds

Texans Go Without Healthcare While State Leaders Play Politics

Before the 87th Texas Legislature even convened, Sen. Nathan Johnson (D-Dallas) pre-filed legislation providing for the “development and implementation of the Live...
Dan Patrick and guns

Permitless Carry Advances Out of Committee, But Full Senate Votes Still Uncertain

Days after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he did not believe the permitless carry bill had enough votes, the Texas Senate created...
Texas Capitol and Clock

With Only 2 Days Left for Bills to Be Heard at the Texas House,...

Although nothing is truly dead until the end of the session, Texas lawmakers have ensured that some bills never see the light,...
Truck Trailer

House Bill Limits Liability for Trucking Companies Involved in Accidents

State lawmakers approved Jeff Leach’s HB 19, which introduces new obstacles when trying to hold trucking companies accountable when their vehicles are...
Social Media

Trump’s Facebook Ban Holds, Texas’ Deplatform Bill Stays Strong

Facebook’s Oversight Board announced today that the company’s ban on Donald Trump’s account following the violence and riots in the nation’s Capitol...
Fertility Clinic

Good Bill Hunting: Fertility Bill Will Extend the Statute of Limitations On Fertility Fraud

Good Bill Hunting is a weekly series during the legislative session where RA News will look at a bill or piece of...

Broadband Expansion Bill Planning to Bridge Digital Divide Begin Negotiations in Texas Legislature

According to the Texas Comptroller, more than 2 million Texas households don’t have high-speed internet. While this figure mostly...

Texas Broadband Expansion Needed, But Uncertain

If there’s anything the last year has taught Texans, it’s that our broadband internet infrastructure is woefully inadequate when it comes to...

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