Turkey Day

Jim Murphy isn't protecting Texas students

Politicians offer thoughts and prayers, pledging “never again.” The public focus on the incident inevitably fades however and the status quo prevails.

The 2020 Texas Primary Filings Are In: Here's What to Expect in the Texas...

With the filing deadline for the March 3, 2020 primary over, Texans now know who is running for eight of the Texas State Board...

Rodney Anderson rakes in special interest cash

Who does Rodney Anderson serve - his campaign contributors, or the people he’s supposed to represent?

Gov. Abbott Has Spent Over $12 Million To Bus Migrants To Other States

The Texas Government has spent over $12 million to bus migrants from its southern border to sanctuary cities, according to the Texas Division of...

Workman Ain’t for the Working Man (or Woman)

Each year, unscrupulous employers steal from hard-working Texans. The phenomenon is more commonly known as “wage theft” and it’s especially prevalent in the construction...

Matt Shaheen helps keeps Austin rigged

Rep. Matt Shaheen is just another part of the rigged political system in Austin - taking special interest money, voting to relax the rules on himself, and sticking it to everyday Texans.

Texas Secession Activist Threatens To Sue GOP Over Texit’s Bid For Ballot Space

A Texas secessionist movement threatened to sue the state Republican Party as it seeks to ask voters if they would support the idea of...

Konni Burton is anti-children

Konni Burton may say she is a champion for Texas families, but her record as a state senator says something very different.

Gov. Abbott Press Conference to Update Texans on COVID-19 Testing 4-8-20

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference Wednesday, April 8, 2020 to update Texans on the state's COVID-19 response and increasing efforts to...
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