Mike Schofield, representative for the special interest

Texas Ethics Commission reports show Schofield has taken more than $37,000 in PAC and special interest money, just in the last year.

The Texas Grid

Matt Shaheen represents special interest groups

Who does Matt Shaheen work for - his campaign contributors or the people he was elected to represent?

Matt Rinaldi Isn’t Keeping Texas Students Safe

Politicians offer thoughts and prayers, and pledge that they will do whatever they can to ensure that this will “never happen again”, but public focus on the incident inevitably fades, and nothing changes.

Mike Schofield keeps Austin rigged

State Rep. Mike Schofield is just another part of the rigged political system in Austin - taking special interest money, voting to relax the rules on himself, and sticking it to everyday Texans.

Rick Miller, representative for the special interest

Who does Rick Miller really represent - the people of Fort Bend County or corporate lobbyists?

Texas Gun Training

Tony Dale chooses construction cash over constituents

Who does Tony Dale work for - his campaign contributors, or the people he is supposed to represent?


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