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Redistricting Committee Meets to Discuss North Texas

The Senate Redistricting Committee convened to discuss redistricting issues for North Texas on Wednesday morning. Dr. Potter, Texas' Demographer, testified again today...

Redistricting Hearing Casts More Doubts on Census Data

The Senate Special Committee on Redistricting met on Tuesday morning with a focus on South Texas. Senators touched mainly on the accuracy...

First Redistricting Hearing Focuses on Census Challenges and West Texas

The Senate Special Committee on Redistricting met Monday to discuss redistricting with a regional focus on West Texas. It is the first...

Texas Senate Committee on Redistricting Meets This Week

The Legislature's redistricting process formally resumes this week with the first set of virtual hearings each day with a regional focus.

Prepare for a Very Messy Redistricting

One of the most important things on the agenda of the 87th Texas Legislature is the drawing of new congressional districts, but a...

Texas Senate Redistricting: Republicans Must Meet Their Shifting Electorate in the Middle

Every ten years Texas undergoes a redistricting process during which the Legislature redraws congressional as well as state legislative districts. Looking at...

Supreme Court Punts on Ruling on Trump Census Challenge

The Supreme Court on Friday issued an opinion delaying judgment on the case challenging President Trump's July Census memo seeking to block...

What’s Likely to Happen During Texas Redistricting

One of Texas Democrats’ top election priorities was to flip enough state house seats to have a seat at table during redistricting...

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