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Will Axford

Will Axford is the online editor of Reform Austin, where he helps write, edit and upload stories to Will previously worked as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle where he covered crime, politics and a...

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David S. Knight

Dr. Knight is the Associate Director of the Center for Education Research and Policy Studies (CERPS) and Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department, according to the University of Texas at El...

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Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth Baker is a writer and mother of three from Katy. She is passionate about protecting the right to health care for all Americans. You can find more of her writing at

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Ken Harold

Ken Harold is a freelance reporter who has written for trade publications and political sites. He has covered sports, entertainment, and politics for more than 20 years.

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Cornell Woolridge

Mr. Woolridge is Founder and President of CivicSolve LLC (, a Civic Engagement consulting firm focused on “Better Communities Through Civic Empowerment”. Raised in Arlington, Texas, Cornell began...

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