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6 Feet And 140 Pounds Chilling In Your Backyard: Teenagers Pull Off Monster Catch in Buffalo Bayou

Last week, two teenage friends managed to pull off what might be the biggest catch Buffalo Bayou has seen in over ten years.

Charlie Oliver and Evan Adams, 18 years old, are veterans of fishing in Buffalo Bayou. Oliver was the one to feel something heavier than usual on his line, but considered it to be only an alligator snapping turtle, since they always get caught on accident, as reported by Chron.

“The turtles kind of stick to the bottom and just feel really heavy on the line, but a little bit into the fight, we realized it was a monster fish,” Oliver said to the Chron.

After around 15 minutes they managed to reel in what turned out to be an alligator gar that measured at 6 feet, 10 inches and weighed around 140 pounds. 

Officially, the largest alligator gar ever caught in Texas with a rod and reel is 7 feet, 9 inches and 289 pounds and came out of the Rio Grande River in 1951.

Even though Adams and Oliver knew their catch didn’t break any records, they were told their catch was the biggest fish to come out of the Houston bayou in the past 10 years. 

Written by RA News staff.


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