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Paul Workman works for special interest groups and PACs


Texans are all too familiar with the outsized role money plays in politics these days. Political action committees (PACs), lobbyists and special interest groups dole out huge sums of campaign cash to get what they want from elected officials. Politicians rake in this money to further their careers, special interests get what they pay for, and too often the public ends up losing.
State Representative Paul Workman (R – Austin) has become very skilled at playing the political money game. Workman has taken tens of thousands of dollars from PACs and special interest groups, according to a July 16 campaign finance report filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.
Some of his biggest contributors include $2,000 from the American Staffing Association Staffing PAC, $2,000 from the Associated Builders & Contractors of Texas PAC and $1,000 from the HOMEPAC of the Texas Association of Builders.
Who does Paul Workman work for – his campaign contributors, or the people he is supposed to represent?

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