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Category: Public Safety

Texas human trafficking
Public Safety

Texas number one for human trafficking

By Christopher Adams The practice of human trafficking isn’t exclusive to far-away locales in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, or our southern borders. This form of

Rodney Reed execution
Public Safety

Rodney Reed execution stopped by Texas court

Rodney Reed was scheduled to be executed Wednesday.  YouTube screenshot By JOLIE MCCULLOUGH Texas’ highest criminal court halted Rodney Reed’s execution Friday afternoon, sending the now-famous

Texas constables
Public Safety

Texas Constables under review

By CHRISTOPHER ADAMS As many states and counties around the nation reconsider the scope and validity of the constable, Texas has held firm in retaining

Public Safety

Abbott Releases Safety Action Report

Almost a month after the El Paso shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott released the Texas Safety Action Report. In the report, which was released on Sept.

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