Texas Needs to Tackle Water Scarcity Before It Gets Worse 

Texas is no stranger to water scarcity. In every decade of the twentieth century, Texas has experienced...

Anger Runs Through Hill Country As Kinder Morgan Pipeline Nears Completion

As the completion of a pipeline project nears, setting up Texas natural gas on a 430-mile southeast trajectory, the anger of landowners...

Texas Wind Energy Production and Jobs Are Growing, Coal Is Dying

Renewable energy is one of the key components in fighting the progression of climate change caused by manmade sources. Despite its legendary status as a fossil fuel producer, Texas is making incredible strides to meet the demand for clean energy produced by wind and solar.

TCEQ Downplaying Dangers of Cancer-Causing Gas

Ethylene oxide is a flammable, colorless gas used in a variety of industrial applications and sterilizing certain medical equipment. It is also...
Sustainable Thanksgiving

How to have a Sustainable Thanksgiving

Sustainable Thanksgiving is the new baseline Thanksgiving, at least it should be. However, as families across the nation take out the butter...

TCEQ’s inaction will make Texas hotter

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is doing very little and working slowly at what little they do. Pollution output is on the...

Study: Texas "substantially weaker" than neighbors on cleanup guidelines for polluted sites

The study found Texas "may allow residential homes to be built in areas that neighboring states wouldn’t even consider safe for factories or oil refineries.”

More than half of Texas beaches had unsafe levels of bacteria in 2017

A report released in late August by Environment Texas and Frontier Group found that 75 of the 120 beaches in Texas they tested “were unsafe for swimming on at least one day during 2017” due to bacterial contamination.

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