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Think Texas Summers are Hot Now? Just wait.

Everything isn’t just bigger in Texas — it is about to get a lot warmer, too. Droughts and urban flooding also are...

Chinese Wind Farm in Texas May Threaten National Security, Environment

The tense trade duel between the world’s two superpower economies is being felt everywhere. The United States was the latest to move...

TCEQ Expands Air Monitoring Following Hurricanes With $1M in New Tools

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has new tools for detecting airborne pollution following hurricanes and other disasters. Two...

Study: Texas "substantially weaker" than neighbors on cleanup guidelines for polluted sites

The study found Texas "may allow residential homes to be built in areas that neighboring states wouldn’t even consider safe for factories or oil refineries.”

Much of Texas is at Risk of Another Disaster — Wildfires

Many parts of Texas are experiencing serious drought conditions that leave them highly vulnerable to the type of devastating wildfires California is...

With Storm in the Gulf, Gov. Abbott Urges East Texas Residents to Prepare

Gov. Greg Abbott is encouraging residents within 50 miles of the Sabine River in east Texas to prepare now for possible flooding. 
TX AM Building a Hospital

Texas A&M at Galveston to Open Hospital for Rare Sea Turtles

The life of a sea turtle can be fraught with danger. They might get bitten by a shark. They might mistake a...

Crafty, Hungry Rats Are Probably Sneaking Into Your House

As late summer turns to fall and your favorite restaurant is still only doing to-go orders, Texans might have noticed what seems...

Why Does Abbott Really Oppose West Texas Nuclear Waste Site?

When it comes to disposable waste, the far reaches of West Texas have been viewed as out-of-sight, out-of-mind wastelands by Austin —...

TCEQ’s inaction will make Texas hotter

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is doing very little and working slowly at what little they do. Pollution output is on the...

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