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Meredith Mohr
Meredith is a writer, editor, storyteller, and "girl-in-the-city." She's created content for thought leaders for publications like Forbes, The Texas Tribune, and The Houston Chronicle.

Paroled Inmates Still in Texas Prisons — and in Danger

Nearly six months into the pandemic, prisoners in Texas are stuck in a dangerous limbo thanks to the coronavirus. Thousands of prisoners...

Texas First in the Nation to Hold Online Criminal Trial

History was made this week as Texas held the country’s first ever virtual criminal jury trial — for a traffic ticket. 

Is That a Cicada Killer or a Murder Hornet?

Since news of a possible invasion of the Asian giant hornet — also known as the “murder hornet” — circulated earlier this...

COVID-19 Increases the Need, Economics for Medicaid Expansion in Texas

COVID-19 has brought a new urgency to the conversation about Medicaid expansion in Texas. With millions facing unemployment and loss of health...

Parents Face Tough Decisions About Their Kids’ Education This Year

Parents have a hard choice to make this year about school for their kids: completely virtual, going back in person, a mix...

The Grim Reality: This is a Pink Recession

The coronavirus pandemic is driving a recession in Texas and across the United States right now, but unemployment data about who is...

Racial Bias and the Future of Capital Punishment in Texas

The murder of George Floyd — a fellow Texan — brought into sharp focus this year the reality that racism — especially...

A Negative COVID-19 Test, Quarantine Required for Texas College Kids

College students this fall will have one more thing to add to their back-to-school checklists: in addition to registering for classes, ordering...

$400 Million Plan to Help Close the Tech Gap for Texas Schoolchildren

After most students in Texas public schools spent a majority of the spring learning online and navigating the many questions and obstacles...

Crafty, Hungry Rats Are Probably Sneaking Into Your House

As late summer turns to fall and your favorite restaurant is still only doing to-go orders, Texans might have noticed what seems...

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