Federal rule dismantles existing safety regulations prior to Port Neches plant explosion

The day before Thanksgiving, residents of Port Neches and four nearby cities were preparing for the holiday when an explosion and subsequent fire at the Texas Petroleum Chemical facility prompted
Homeless Camp MG TT 01

At least 25,000 people in Texas suffer homelessness. Here’s what we know about Texans without homes.

Homeless Austin residents under the Ben White bridge at Lamar Avenue in South Austin last month. Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune BY STEPHANIE ADELINE AND JUAN PABLO GARNHAM Austin leaders and state officials
HD-28 runoff election

Fort Bend County’s HD-28 Runoff Explained

HD-28 runoff could turn a Fort Bend County seat blue. The next Republican stronghold poised to flip to the Democrats is Texas House District 28. For that to happen, there
Uninsured pregnant

The Dangers of an Uninsured Pregnancy in Texas

Tiffany Revilla at home with Adillie and Cheyenne a few days after Thanksgiving. Her doctors have been scrambling to schedule a surgery to remove her gallbladder before her pregnancy Medicaid
Ranked Choice voting

Ranked Choice Voting: How to End Endless runoffs

By Christopher Adams In runoff-election happy Texas, it seems voters are losing interest in a drawn-out voting process that comprises successive runoffs where turnout numbers are abysmally low.   But some

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Texas human trafficking

Texas number one for human trafficking

By Christopher Adams The practice of human trafficking isn’t exclusive to far-away locales in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, or our southern borders. This form of slavery is prevalent in Texas,
Maternal mortality

Maternal Mortality rates in Texas still high

By Julianna Arnim Chelsea Aldrich was waiting for her husband to get home with extra-spicy Thai takeout when she realized her contractions weren’t stopping. Since they’d only started an hour
Immigration backlog

Texas’ immigration backlog could hurt Dems

By Jef Rouner Immigration is a hot button political issue and has stayed one for the past several years. Many people point out that crackdowns on undocumented residency in America
Rick Miller

Rick Miller’s fall and Fort Bend County’s future

State Rep. Rick Miller, R-Sugar Land, speaks on the House floor on May 4, 2017. Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune By ALEX SAMUELS AND CASSANDRA POLLOCK As far as falls from grace
Texas vaping

Texas Senate Committee Looks at Vaping

Illustration by Carlos Rafael Alvarez Contreras  Texas lawmakers are fuming over vaping. They’re frustrated by teenagers buying e-cigarettes. They’re furious over the lack of federal oversight on the manufacturing of