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Think Texas Summers are Hot Now? Just wait.

Everything isn’t just bigger in Texas — it is about to get a lot warmer, too. Droughts and urban flooding also are...

Texas A&M Forest Services on the Hunt for Tree-Killing Beetle

The evasive Emerald Ash Borer destroys ash trees. This tiny insect is a fascinating green color, eye-catching and shimmery. You wouldn’t imagine...
TX AM Building a Hospital

Texas A&M at Galveston to Open Hospital for Rare Sea Turtles

The life of a sea turtle can be fraught with danger. They might get bitten by a shark. They might mistake a...

Study: Texas "substantially weaker" than neighbors on cleanup guidelines for polluted sites

The study found Texas "may allow residential homes to be built in areas that neighboring states wouldn’t even consider safe for factories or oil refineries.”

No Reason to Panic About the ‘Murder Hornet’ in Texas

It’s only May, and so far in 2020, the world has seen a global pandemic, an economic downturn, wildfires in Australia and...

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires Now in Texas

Editor’s Note: This is a follow up to a previous story about fire danger in Texas. Thousands of fires...

Hurricane Hanna Leaves a Mark on South Texas

Across South Texas, boats were destroyed, power lines came down and streets were flooded as Hanna blew through with 85-mile-per-hour winds. 

Anger Runs Through Hill Country As Kinder Morgan Pipeline Nears Completion

As the completion of a pipeline project nears, setting up Texas natural gas on a 430-mile southeast trajectory, the anger of landowners...

Is Texas Ready for Hurricane Season Amid COVID-19?

Experts are monitoring the season’s first tropical storm, Cristobal, this week. In the midst of a public health crisis, the idea of...

Fighting Climate Change Is an Act of Faith for These Texans

Spurred by rising tides and temperatures, Texas’ religious leaders are leveraging the power of faith and community to reshape the way Texans...

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