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Tamarra Kemsley is a freelance journalist, podcast producer, and former organizer for Beto O'Rourke's 2018 Senate campaign. She has an M.A. in Islam and the Middle East from Hebrew University. Find her on Twitter @tamarranicole.

Latinx Evangelical Group Voter Guide All But Endorses Joe Biden

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition has released its 2020 presidential voter guide, a lengthy outline of scripture-supported policies and shiny green checkmarks...

Texas Pastors: Trump’s Taxes a Window into President’s Soul

Ongoing revelations regarding President Donald Trump’s taxes have raised serious legal and national security questions about the commander-in-chief’s financial wheelings and dealings....

Pro-life Voters Must Consider More than Abortion, El Paso Bishop Insists

Christian voters must consider more than a candidate’s position on abortion when casting their ballot this election, El Paso’s Bishop Mark Seitz...
Trump makes fun of christians

Trump Makes Fun of Christian Supporters Behind Their Backs

President Donald J. Trump routinely mocks the Christian voters he relies so heavily on, a story published by The Atlantic reveals. 

The Rise — and Possible Fall — of Texas’ Cowboy...

From the moment COVID-19 arrived on U.S. soil, conservative Christian men across the country rose up to sound the alarm to their...

For Some Evangelicals, Black Lives Matter Now

Patricia Ann Ashley said her mother was still in high school when the white man her family worked for as sharecroppers accused...

Can Evangelical Women Help Turn Texas Blue?

Sarah Bailey is the first to admit she hadn’t done her homework when she voted for Donald Trump in 2016. 

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