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Texas Prepares for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Whenever it Occurs

Even though we don’t know for sure when a COVID-19 vaccine will be available, Texas health officials are already ramping up distribution...
Texas PPP prosecutions

Texas Leads the Nation in PPP Fraud

Texas currently leads the country in Payroll Protection Program fraud indictments, according to the Houston Chronicle. As of Monday, the newspaper had...
State's Method Graphs

State Changes COVID-19 Reporting Method to Improve Accuracy

At one point in mid-August, the state was reporting a COVID-19 positivity rate of more than 24%. In reality, the percentage of...
Reports of Covid cases in schools pouring in form teachers

Texas Teachers Reports Hundreds of COVID-19 Safety Violations, File First Grievance

During the two weeks since many Texas school districts resumed in-person instruction, members of the Texas State Teachers Association have reported hundreds...
Health Care

State Shelves Budget-Balancing Cuts in Maternal and Child Health Care

Texas Health and Human Services has decided cutting health care services for women and children may not be the best way to...

Just Like That, Harris County’s Mail Ballot Plan is Halted Again

The Texas Supreme Court has stepped in to stop Harris County from sending mail ballot applications to all 2.4 million registered voters...
Abbott Approval Rating Plummets

Abbott’s Approval Rating Plummets 26 Points Since April

Gov. Greg Abbott is now listed among 12 governors with “notably” low approval ratings. Back in April, Abbott’s approval rating stood at...
TRA disputes study saying Covid changes increase at restaurants

Texas Restaurant Association Disputes Findings about Spread of COVID-19

Among adults tested for the coronavirus at 11 U.S. health care facilities in July, none of which were in Texas, those who...
Harris County Crime Lab Now Delineating Between Hemp and Miariguana

Prosecutors in State’s Largest County Now Know if it’s Hemp or Marijuana

Is it marijuana or hemp? Do we prosecute or drop charges? Those are questions prosecutors around Texas have been wrestling with since...

Public Citizen Accuses Amazon of Price-Gouging During the Pandemic

Amazon is jacking up prices on face masks, toilet paper and antibacterial soap by up to 1,000%, according to a new report...

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