Gary Gates Has Multiple Tax Liens Against Him

Gary Gates’ taxes could be a problem. Gates, a multimillionaire landlord, owns numerous companies, including Ran-Mar Sales & Services Ltd. Founded in 2004, Ran-Mar’s Facebook page describes the business as an “appliances/contractor” company.

From 2008-2010, Ran-Mar was served with three state tax liens for failing to pay sales taxes. One lien, filed in May 2008, stated that Ran-Mar owed more than $18,000 in back taxes. Ran-Mar up more than $30,500 in taxes and penalties. 

Ran-Mar wasn’t the only one of Gates’ companies that didn’t pay its taxes on time. In February 2010, two of Gates’ companies were hit with bills for unpaid franchise taxes, fees, and interest. 

Gates’ company APTPCY was sent an $810.96 bill for unpaid taxes, and his company APTDF Ltd was billed $877.76. 

All told, Gates’ companies owed more than $32,000 in back taxes, fines, fees, and interest from 2008-2010. All of the liens were discharged by the end of 2010. 

After Gates settled the various liens against Ran-Mar it became largely inactive. Gates mentions the corporation again in a 2013 campaign finance report. In the report filed with the Texas Ethics Commission Gates states that Ran-Mar’s primary asset is a $25,000 stamp collection. 

In addition to taxes, Gates also had a problem paying employees. In 1994, Gates’ primary business — Gatesco — had an administrative lien placed on it. According to the lien, Gatesco owed $323.20 in gross wages to Michelle Garza in April 1994.   The lien against Gatesco released in June 1994.

Taxes aren’t the only thing Gates has had to worry about. Money problems have dogged Gary Gates for most of his business career. He’s been involved in multiple lawsuits, defaulted on loans, and had problems paying his bills.