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What We Know So Far About Uvalde

The events which took place resulted from a series of tragic mistakes. 

The shooter was active on social media and clearly resentful. He frequently harassed girls online, often sharing photos of firearms and dead animals, and threatening to rape and murder other users.

He tried to illegally acquire guns through a family member before turning 18, but they declined.

After turning 18, they legally purchased two AR platform rifles and ammunition.

On May 24, 2022, the gunman shot his grandmother in the face and stole her vehicle.

Roughly 30 minutes later, the shooter crashed their vehicle in a ditch on the west side of Robb Elementary, firing at bystanders.

A teacher called the police while the shooter made their way toward the school and closed the back door, however, the automatic lock failed. The gunman entered the building and began killing.

Two minutes later, three officers enter the building from the same door but are forced to retreat after coming in contact with the shooter.

School district police chief Pete Arredondo then arrives on the scene without his radio.

The school and police announce the building is under lockdown status: “students and staff are safe in the building. The building is secure.”

A group of four officers enters the building from the north entrance but are once again forced to retreat.

Arredondo enters through the south entrance with another police officer and approaches the classroom containing the shooter.

After discovering that the room is locked, he calls for tactical teams via cell phone.

Despite desperate 911 calls from inside the building, police continue to wait on tactical teams to make entry into the building.

A tactical unit arrives at 12:15, roughly 40 minutes after the shooter has entered the building.

Arrendondo finally approves entry at 12:46, after over an hour of waiting.

Four minutes later, the tactical unit enters the shooter’s classroom and stops the threat.

Uvalde police failed to follow standard operating procedures for an active shooter scenario.

During such events, officers are to stop the shooter at all costs. They enter the building with what they have when they have it. They do not wait. They do not stop to render aid. They push until the threat is over.

The Uvalde police force failed its community.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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