Rep. Sarah Davis Endorsed by Gov. Greg Abbott

State Rep. Sarah Davis receives endorsement from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Foes can become fast friends when the time is right. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has endorsed Rep. Sarah Davis for reelection to the Texas House in total contrast to their battle two years ago. During that time, Gov. Greg Abbott aimed to defeat and unseat Davis with his attack ads against her in her Republican primary race. Abbott also invested six figures in an attempt to knock her out, while suggesting she should quit the Republican Party to run as a Democrat. It surprised many observers, as most “Texas governors generally don’t endorse against incumbents in their same party.”  

In 2018, Gov. Abbott expressed that Davis had “gone against his agenda” with her ideology and opposing ethics, declaring her as hostile, with Davis shooting back that Abbott was, “a sad and pathetic failure of leadership.”

But Abbott’s efforts then didn’t stop her win. 

Abbott’s endorsement and change of view came with sharing on his website, “In the 86th Legislative Session, Representative Davis worked alongside her colleagues to secure monumental reforms to our property tax and school finance systems. Governor Abbott is grateful for Representative Davis’ dedication to the people of Houston, and is proud to endorse her for re-election.”

Abbott confirmed his endorsement with an emphasis on the dedication and commitment to all people of Texas they share, implying the start of making amends, “…we haven’t always seen eye to eye, we share the same commitment to bring people together to solve problems and improve the lives of all Texans.”