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Abbott Visits Border Wall With Trump

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Trump took a tour around an incomplete portion of the border wall, after meeting in Rio Grande Valley for a security briefing.

Trump’s visit comes as Republicans continue to hammer President Joe Biden’s administration for an increase in apprehensions at the border, as reported by the Texas Tribune.

A few weeks ago, Abbott announced his intention to build a border wall, a plan that started with a crowdfunding initiative –just like Trump did- and will end up being paid for with the state budget –just like Trump did-.

The allocation of state money for Abbott’s project was possible through his disaster declaration back in May, which from the emergency powers derived from the declaration, allows him to transfer legislative funds for the construction of the wall.

Disaster declarations are usually reserved for natural disasters, but justifying the move on an increase in illegal immigration, Abbott declared a disaster in 34 Texas counties, which had to be later amended to remove counties that were included without being consulted.

“I do think that we’re getting a little bit of that political theater, not only in the way that the governor is addressing immigration, using the state-funded efforts on a border wall as part of his efforts towards re-election, and certainly the White House is aware of what immigration means in terms of democratic policies,” said Dr. Richard Pineda from the University of Texas.

As Abbott and former President Trump take a stroll around the unfinished wall which the latter could never complete during his administration, Democrats are set to host a press conference in Austin, where they are expected to address the visit as well as pressing Texan priorities.

Written by RA News staff.


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