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Attorney General Threatens Legal Action Against Gov. Abbott Over Migrants Executive Order

Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened to sue over Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent executive order targeting migrants.

The executive order, framed as a public health issue, places transportation restrictions on migrants by allowing state troopers the power to stop any vehicle with reasonable suspicion of carrying migrants who had illegally crossed and were released from the US Immigration and Customs for being at risk of carrying COVID-19. If the vehicle is transporting individuals who fit this description, the vehicle must be rerouted back to its origin.  

State troopers were also given the power to impound the vehicle in question under this order.

In Garland’s letter to Abbott, he explains the order is in violation of federal laws by interfering in US immigration law.

Similarly, other federal officials worry the executive order will worsen the current US southern border situation and have spoken with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to organize a meeting regarding further steps in the ongoing battle.

The Attorney General urges Abbott to rescind the order immediately or face legal action.

Written by RA News staff.


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