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Cynthia Flores won't listen to Texans

The political system in Austin is a rigged game in favor of the moneyed and powerful special interests at the expense of everyday Texans.  Rookie Texas House candidate Cynthia Flores is playing along like a seasoned veteran.
Over the course of her brief political career, Cynthia Flores, candidate for state representative in Williamson County, has become very proficient at raking in special interest campaign cash.  These contributors range from lawyers and lobbyists to payday lenders and insurance companies, and they all have an agenda in Austin.
Special interest money is so prevalent in Austin, it seems corruption is contagious – spreading from legislator to legislator and passed down from one generation of public officials to the next.  
Larry Gonzales was the most recent occupant of the legislative seat Flores is seeking to claim. He is also the largest donor to Flores and endorsed her in the March primary to succeed him. Gonzales and special interests support Cynthia Flores because she would continue the pay-to-play tradition.
In Austin’s rigged political show, politicians talk big but take special interest money, support the establishment agenda and stick it to everyday Texans. Taxpayers need to demand more accountability and transparency. Elected officials need to reject special interest cash and serve our needs, not their own.
In less than a year, Flores has raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest groups and political action committees (PACs) across the state.

As Texans know all too well, money can have a large influence in decision making for elected officials. It’s exactly what special interest groups and PACs count on when they contribute to political campaigns, and too often the public loses. These groups are helping Flores’s career and, if she is elected, they expect her to vote their way in Austin on the issues they care about.
We won’t get the property tax relief we need as long as the corporations are getting their tax cuts first. We won’t get better schools if the privatization interests still give millions to legislators. We won’t get the consumer protection we deserve when it comes to insurance, utilities and corporations if policymakers are seduced by big campaign cash.
As long as the business lobbyists have their deals and willing politicians like Cynthia Flores, our taxes will go up and our services will suffer. We need honest government and real transparency. We need to Reform Austin.

Written by RA News staff.


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