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Donna Campbell Chooses Campaign Cash Over Homeowners

Texas is a wonderful place to live, but is notorious for its weather-related disasters. Floods, hurricanes and hailstorms are a regular occurrence every year. As a result, Texan residents are required to turn to insurance companies to protect themselves and their property. In fact, homeowners in the Lone Star State pay some of the highest insurance rates in the country.

Despite skyrocketing insurance premiums, too many of our bought-and-paid for political leaders don’t believe insurance companies should have to hold up their end of the deal with homeowners.

State Senator Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) is one of those politicians. Campbell voted for SB10/HB1774, which would lower penalty fees for insurance companies and eliminate the incentive for adequate coverage of property damage because of natural disasters. The bill would also force consumers to jump through multiple hoops to file their claims, wasting time and money with needless paperwork and fees.

Campbell should be finding solutions for the Texas homeowners burdened by weather-related damage. Instead, she is doing the insurance companies’ bidding. Campbell has taken thousands of dollars from insurance companies, including $12,500 from Independent Insurance Agents of Texas and $2,527.56 from Texas Farm Bureau. In this election cycle alone, Campbell has taken $38,500 from lawyers and lobbyists and another $109,700 from finance, insurance and real estate entities.

Donna Campbell is the best state senator money can buy. Rather than helping the consumers she is supposed to represent, Campbell is using her vote to strengthen insurance companies. With senators like Donna Campbell, insurance companies will continue to make money, while Texas homeowners suffer.

Written by RA News staff.


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