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Dwayne Bohac is financed by a man accused of sexually harassing his employee

Money is the lifeblood of politics. But when elected officials receive campaign contributions from a sexual predator,  you have to ask, how low will they go to get their financial fix?
According to Harris County records, in 2009 Holloway “Holly” Frost, the founder and CEO of Texas Memory Systems, settled with a former employee after being accused of sexually assaulting and harassing her repeatedly for years. But it  didn’t stop Texas elected officials from taking thousands of dollars from him in campaign contributions. In “anything goes” Austin, Holly Frost has become one of the largest campaign donors for Texas policymakers.
Records show Holloway Frost and his wife have jointly donated over a million dollars to candidates and advocacy groups.  Holloway Frost’s money goes to political action committees (PACs) and lawmakers who share his views. These politicians are perfectly willing to accept Holly’s dirty money, all the while touting a pro-family agenda for Texas.
Campaign contribution members of the Holly Frost Hall of Shame include Texas State Representatives Valoree Swanson ($68,216), Michael Schofield ($17,500), Dwayne Bohac ($12,500), Jim Murphy ($10,000) and Jonathan Stickland ($5,000). Combined, Frost has directly donated $113,216 to these six family values elected officials, while funneling more of his tainted money through PACs.
State Representative Valoree Swanson (R – Spring) has accepted more dirty money from Holly Frost than any other legislator.
State Representative Michael Schofield (R – Katy) is a self-described quality legislator who claims to place principle above political gain. Taking thousands of dollars from a man who forces himself on women should constitute a violation of principle.
State Representative Dwayne Bohac (R – Houston) says he is a community first, quality of life state representative, but by accepting the Frost family’s dirty money, he validates predators who believe they have the wealth and power to avoid justice.
State Representative Jim Murphy (R – Houston) champions himself as the protector of his district but instead of standing against predators like Holloway Frost, he embraces him with open arms and his hand out for cash.
State Representative Jonathan Stickland (R – Bedford) wants you to stand with him and return to the idea of personal responsibility and accountability; that is unless you are a donor with enough money to bury a sexual assault case. “Take what you want, my friend.”
These elected officials happily take money from a man who admitted to not only harassing but assaulting a woman who worked for him.
Money can’t trump ethics.
If dirty money is enough for these elected officials to turn a blind eye to their moral obligations, what else will they look the other way for?
If you would like to view the original document in the frost scandal and see the evidence for yourself, please visit the Harris County District Clerk’s website and use case number 200764034. You will need a free login to view the documents.

Written by RA News staff.


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