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Former Tax Employee Valoree Swanson Now Wants to Eliminate Property Taxes

Valoree Swanson talks a big game about lowering property taxes, but her history on the taxpayer dime tells a different story.

Meet the Real Konni Burton: A Tax-Raising Job Killer

When we think of a conservative in American politics, we think lower taxes, economic prosperity and support for business, right? State Senator Konni Burton...

Ken Strange: Pays His Taxes Late, Raised Taxes for Us

Which is it, Ken? State Representative District 45 candidate Ken Strange says he wants to build the economy with jobs and reduced property taxes. Yet...

As Property Taxes Increase, State Funding for Schools Continues to Stifle

If you’re a homeowner in Texas, there’s a good chance you cringe every January when it comes time to pay property taxes. It’s not hard...

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