Matt Shaheen is raising your taxes

Property taxes are out of control and it’s outrageous Austin politicians won’t fix it. While they pledge to tackle the problem during election season, the...

State’s Agricultural Tax Exemptions Benefit Wealthy at Education’s Expense, Critics Say

For many residents of property-tax happy Texas, a collective concern about next year’s tax bill from local governments constantly percolates. But not for all.

Dennis Paul is raising your taxes

We can’t be fooled.  Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less, and failed policymakers like Dennis Paul are to blame.  I

Will Real Tax Reform Please Stand Up

While the Big 3 Talked a Big Game on Tax Reform, Texas Families will see Limited Relief Since...

The Buck Doesn’t Stop with Brad Buckley on Taxes

He’s just another say one thing, do another politician.

We can't trust Ken Strange with our money

Ken Strange is no stranger to conflict, raising doubts if Texans can trust him in Austin.

Rodney Anderson voted for more taxes, less school funding

When will Anderson and other state lawmakers step up and give Texas children the opportunity to succeed and give Texas homeowners a break?

A Texas sales tax increase would hit poor people the hardest

Texas’ Republican leadership wants to raise the taxes that consumers pay when they go shopping in order to lower the taxes that homeowners and...

Gary Elkins is raising your taxes

Don’t be fooled. We are paying more in taxes and getting less, and Gary Elkins is to blame.

Waiting for Tax Relief? Texas Homeowners Will Get Less Than Expected.

Statewide property values increased last year, on average, by a staggering 10.75 percent, according to the Texas Comptroller’s preliminary findings for 2019. 

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