Your taxes are increasing with Dwayne Bohac

If we are to fix our state and get the transparency and tax fairness we deserve, we must demand politicians stand up to their corporate donors and help us Reform Austin.

Ready! Set! Shop! It’s Tax Free Weekend in Texas.

In previous years, Texas’ annual tax-free weekend was great for school shopping.  This Friday-Sunday, as the sales tax holiday...

Waiting for Tax Relief? Texas Homeowners Will Get Less Than Expected.

Statewide property values increased last year, on average, by a staggering 10.75 percent, according to the Texas Comptroller’s preliminary findings for 2019. 

Property Tax Proposal Piles One More Worry on Texas' Rural Hospital Districts

Squeezed by Medicare cuts and a growing number of uninsured patients, rural hospital districts in Texas are worried that the Legislature’s property tax reform...

Dennis Paul is raising your taxes

We can’t be fooled.  Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less, and failed policymakers like Dennis Paul are to blame.  I

Texas lawmakers may have inadvertently created a corporate tax loophole

In a state struggling to adequately finance its schools, legislators have passed a measure that threatens to further reduce funding allocated to...

Texas Is Running Out of Money to Pay Unemployment Benefits. People Will Still Get...

Texas is running out of money to pay the growing number of people lining up for unemployment relief, economic experts say.

The Buck Doesn’t Stop with Brad Buckley on Taxes

He’s just another say one thing, do another politician.

Watch Your Mailbox for Important Information About Your Property Taxes

Cities and counties across Texas have started the process of determining how much you will pay in property taxes next year. In...

New Sales Tax Numbers Show Texans Were Still Spending in March

All that toilet paper buying may have had an impact on state sales taxes last month. According to the latest report from...

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