Gov. Abbott Sidesteps Request for Property Tax Relief in Wake of COVID-19

In a letter to the Texas Democratic Congressional Delegation, Gov. Greg Abbott clearly conveys that if there is going to be property...

Former Tax Employee Valoree Swanson Now Wants to Eliminate Property Taxes

Valoree Swanson talks a big game about lowering property taxes, but her history on the taxpayer dime tells a different story.

Your taxes are increasing with Dwayne Bohac

If we are to fix our state and get the transparency and tax fairness we deserve, we must demand politicians stand up to their corporate donors and help us Reform Austin.

Texas Developers Find a New Cash Cow: Cows

A recently enacted Texas law gives agricultural property owners a break in rollback tax, providing them financial benefits by reducing mandated rollback...

Ken Strange breaks federal tax law

There’s nothing worse or more cynical than lawbreakers wanting to be lawmakers.  If Ken Strange wants to create laws in Austin, maybe he should learn how to respect and follow them first.

Watch Your Mailbox for Important Information About Your Property Taxes

Cities and counties across Texas have started the process of determining how much you will pay in property taxes next year. In...

Howard, Other Texas Lawmakers Try Again to End Tampon Tax

Texas has a tax on menstrual products. The passion to end the sales tax on women’s menstrual products has been seen in...

Senate Property Tax Reform Bill Passes Out of Committee

(Pictured: Paul Bettencourt) In the State of the State Address, Governor Abbott listed property tax reform as one of his six emergency items for the...

How Will COVID-19 Affect My Property Taxes?

As homeowners across Texas receive their 2020 property appraisal notices, Reform Austin has launched an online resource to help everyone understand how...

Kelly Hancock is raising your taxes

We can’t be fooled. Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less, and failed policymakers like Kelly Hancock are to blame.

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