Konni Burton is raising your taxes

Establishment politicians want us to believe - a few weeks before the election - they are finally concerned about skyrocketing local property taxes. We know the truth - it’s the politicians in Austin like Konni Burton who are directly responsible for this problem.

Your taxes are increasing with Dwayne Bohac

If we are to fix our state and get the transparency and tax fairness we deserve, we must demand politicians stand up to their corporate donors and help us Reform Austin.

Texas House approves property tax reform bill, setting up negotiations with the Senate

The Texas House gave preliminary approval to a priority property tax reform package Tuesday, teeing the chamber up for negotiations with the Senate, and...

Former Tax Employee Valoree Swanson Now Wants to Eliminate Property Taxes

Valoree Swanson talks a big game about lowering property taxes, but her history on the taxpayer dime tells a different story.

State’s Agricultural Tax Exemptions Benefit Wealthy at Education’s Expense, Critics Say

For many residents of property-tax happy Texas, a collective concern about next year’s tax bill from local governments constantly percolates. But not for all.

As Property Taxes Increase, State Funding for Schools Continues to Stifle

If you’re a homeowner in Texas, there’s a good chance you cringe every January when it comes time to pay property taxes. It’s not hard...

Despite staggering pandemic losses, Texas budget forecast better than expected, state comptroller says

Despite “historic declines,” state lawmakers will have more money to work with in the upcoming legislative session than Comptroller Glenn Hegar expected...

Matt Rinaldi is raising your taxes

Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less, and failed policymakers like Matt Rinaldi are to blame.

We can't trust Ken Strange with our money

Ken Strange is no stranger to conflict, raising doubts if Texans can trust him in Austin.

When it Comes to Our Taxes, the Buck Doesn't Stop with Buckley

Buckley is just another say one thing, do another politician.

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