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Marice Richter is a veteran Texas journalist who worked her way from the Beaumont Enterprise to the Austin American-Statesman and then to The Dallas Morning News. Marice lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and worked at The News for 26 years, covering city government, education, transportation and general assignments. She also worked for Reuters news service and as a business writer for the Fort Worth Business Press.

​​Is It Reckoning Time For Texas Democrats?

In 2024, it will be 30 years since a Democrat was last elected to a statewide office in Texas.

Bills Aimed At Stabilizing The Power Grid Are Moving Forward

In the waning days of the Legislature, there are still live bills aimed at fortifying Texas’ electric grid to prevent a recurrence...

Legislators Move to Block Paxton Settlement Payout

The Legislature’s conference committee reconciling differences between the House and Senate versions of the state budget moved to block Attorney General Ken...

Legislature Handicaps EVs With Punitive Fees

Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that hits consumers with additional fees for driving an electric vehicle. Senate...

Power Plays: Texas Electric Grid Regulators Push Fossil Fuels Over Renewables

With summer just around the corner, the top regulators of Texas’ electrical grid recently reported that there should be enough power to...

The Battle Over School Vouchers Rages On

Despite a move by the Texas House to block state money from being spent on vouchers for students to attend private schools,...

Senate And House Lawmakers Are Divided On Best Path For Property Tax Relief

Lawmakers have promised to deliver tax relief to property owners this legislative session but it is unclear whether the House and Senate...

Profile: Briscoe Cain’s History of Supporting Voting Restrictions

Some believe that bills moving through the Texas Legislature as efforts to combat election fraud are a solution seeking a problem.

What’s Likely to Happen During Texas Redistricting

One of Texas Democrats’ top election priorities was to flip enough state house seats to have a seat at table during redistricting...

Which Texans May Join the Biden Administration?

Despite unwavering enthusiasm, record-setting fund-raising and enormous turnout efforts, Texas Democrats couldn’t pull presidential nominee Joe Biden or many of their other...

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