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COVID-19 Drives Texas Sales Tax Collections to Record Lows

Texas took in about $2.6 billion in state sales taxes in May, according to new numbers released today. The May collections were...

Matt Rinaldi is raising your taxes

Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less, and failed policymakers like Matt Rinaldi are to blame.

Kelly Hancock is raising your taxes

We can’t be fooled. Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less, and failed policymakers like Kelly Hancock are to blame.

Texas Is Running Out of Money to Pay Unemployment Benefits. People Will Still Get...

Texas is running out of money to pay the growing number of people lining up for unemployment relief, economic experts say.

Small Business Saturday supports local businesses

We hear it constantly in candidate stump speeches: Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. In Texas, an incredible number of...

Tony Tinderholt is raising your taxes

While the Texas Legislature continues to slash school funding, homeowners in Tony Tinderholt's district are paying more in property taxes to make up for the shortfall.

Ken Strange breaks federal tax law

There’s nothing worse or more cynical than lawbreakers wanting to be lawmakers.  If Ken Strange wants to create laws in Austin, maybe he should learn how to respect and follow them first.

Linda Koop is raising your taxes

Texas legislators like Linda Koop have created and sustained a public school funding system increasingly reliant on local property taxpayers.

Should Texas Taxes From Online Sales Go to Where the Buyer Is or Where...

When a Dallas resident purchases a Dell computer online, in addition to the selling price, they pay for the sales tax associated...

Property Tax Proposal Piles One More Worry on Texas' Rural Hospital Districts

Squeezed by Medicare cuts and a growing number of uninsured patients, rural hospital districts in Texas are worried that the Legislature’s property tax reform...

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