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Sports Betting Gets Contentious Hearing

The House State Affairs Committee considered HB 2070 on Wednesday, a bill that would put a constitutional amendment legalizing sports gambling in...
Briscoe Cain

Profile: Briscoe Cain’s History of Supporting Voting Restrictions

Some believe that bills moving through the Texas Legislature as efforts to combat election fraud are a solution seeking a problem.
America's businesses

America’s Top Businesses Release Statement Supporting Voting Rights

Following a zoom call this weekend where CEOs and senior executives at companies across the country discussed a coordinated effort against legislation...

House Acts to Protect Working Mothers, Expanding Eligibility for Medicaid Coverage

HB 133 by Rep. Toni Rose (D-Dallas) which would allow women who qualify for Medicaid to stay on the program for 12...

How to Renew Your Texas Drivers License and Registration

A pandemic induced waiver allowing Texas drivers to drive with expired licenses and registration expires Wednesday April 14th.
voting site

Bill Delaying Texas Primaries Sent From Senate to House

Texas has a clock problem in 2021 because the state is almost certainly going to have to redraw district lines based on...

Medical Marijuana Access For Veterans And Others Suffering From PTSD Advances Out of Committee

Last Wednesday, the public health committee heard Chairwoman Stephanie Klick's HB 1535. The bill as referred to the Calendars Committee and is...

Will McAdams On The Way To Becoming the Next PUC Commissioner, Abbott Names Next...

The Senate Nominations Committee recently cleared Gov. Abbott's PUC commissioner nominee and construction lobbyist Will McAdams. He is yet to be confirmed...

CEOs Plan New Strategy for Texas Voting Legislation

CEOs across industries are working together to present a new push against restrictive voting legislation currently being considered in Texas and other...

Good Bill Hunting: New Texas Legislation To Provide Job Training for Veterans

Good Bill Hunting is a weekly series during the legislative session where RA News will look at a bill or piece of...

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