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Jonathan Boos won’t give hardworking Texans a boost

 Candidates like Jonathan Boos will continue to vote against the interests of hard-working Texans unless we rein in the power of the special interests and Reform Austin.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick releases Senate committee assignments with few changes

As the head of the Texas Senate, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has the responsibility of making committee assignments for its 31 members. Three days after Patrick was sworn in for a new term, his office released Senate committee assignments for the 86th Regular Session with few but notable changes to committee leadership and makeup.

Texas House passes bill to prohibit telemarketers from falsifying caller ID

House Bill 1992 would prohibit tampering with information transmitted to people’s caller IDs to disguise a caller's identity. Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune The Texas House...

Kids say the darndest things

Participating in testimony at the Capitol is so easy a toddler could do it… and they sometimes do. If...

Texas House committee to probe allegations against Speaker Dennis Bonnen

The powerful Texas House General Investigating Committee is set to launch an investigation into allegations that Speaker Dennis Bonnen offered a hardline...
Lone Star Agenda

Lone Star Agenda recruits Biedermann and Tinderholt

Lone Star Agenda can claim two new recruits. For state Reps. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) and Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington), the talk of Texas...

Dan Patrick says he may further lower threshold to bring bills to Senate floor

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Senate Parliamentarian Karina Davis on the senate floor. Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / Texas Tribune.

Bill Seen by Critics as Bid to Keep Texas from Becoming "Purple"

A bill making its way through the Texas Legislature is seen by critics as an attempt to keep the Lone Star State from becoming...

1.3 Million Texans Are Unemployed

Another 280,406 Texans filed for unemployment last week, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The new claims bring the total number...

Freedom Caucus Asks for Public’s Input on Budget Cuts

The Texas House Freedom Caucus is calling on Texans to be on the lookout for wasteful spending of their tax dollars via...

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