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Dallas ISD Superintendent Blasts Texas Lawmakers Over School Funding Neglect in State of the District Address

Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde, in her annual State of the District address, celebrated the achievements of Dallas schools while pointing fingers at Texas lawmakers for their failure to provide adequate funding, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Elizalde praised DISD’s advancements, highlighting their success in third-grade reading and math, surpassing several other North Texas districts. However, she didn’t shy away from criticizing the GOP-led Legislature for neglecting public school funding during the recent legislative session, which was preoccupied with discussions about directing state funds towards private schools.

Addressing a room filled with educators and administrators, Elizalde affirmed her commitment to advocating for the district at both state and federal levels, emphasizing that insufficient funding would never hinder their dedication to preparing every student for success.

She proudly mentioned DISD’s leading academic performance and growth in certain campuses, along with the significant number of seniors graduating with associate’s degrees and the practical training students receive at the Career Institutes for lucrative professions.

Despite these achievements, Elizalde acknowledged the ongoing challenges. Recent STAAR test results indicated that a significant portion of Dallas students were not meeting grade-level standards in reading and math.

Elizalde criticized the Legislature for passing under-funded mandates, such as the requirement for schools to hire armed guards, without providing adequate financial support. Additionally, she highlighted the Legislature’s failure to allocate funds for teacher pay raises despite a substantial budget surplus.

The fate of public school funding became entangled with debates over education savings accounts, resulting in a deadlock that left the issue unresolved.

Elizalde also addressed criticisms of public schools, rejecting accusations of promoting a “woke” agenda and emphasizing the district’s commitment to teaching patriotism and civic responsibility.

The proposed DISD budget prioritizes funding for racial equity initiatives, proposing modest raises for staff and increasing the minimum teacher salary. However, the district anticipates reducing central staff positions due to budget constraints exacerbated by declining enrollment.

Elizalde concluded her address by likening DISD to the Statue of Liberty, emphasizing the district’s commitment to embracing and empowering students from diverse backgrounds to contribute to a better America.

Written by RA News staff.


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