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Gov. Greg Abbott Calls For Enhanced Education On Israel-Hamas Conflict

On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement urging Texas schools to make use of additional educational resources provided by the Texas Education Agency to teach about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Governor emphasized Texas’ support for Israel and its commitment to combating misinformation and prejudice during this time of conflict.

“The State of Texas stands strong with Israel and our Jewish neighbors during the heinous acts of war committed by the terrorist group Hamas, and we will not allow misinformation and prejudice to undermine the support the Jewish community needs during this time of conflict,” said Gov. Abbott.

According to The Texas Tribune, the resources include materials about the history of the Israel-Hamas conflict from the Institute for Curriculum Studies and a guide for facilitating “conscientious conversations” from the Anti-Defamation League, an organization dedicated to countering antisemitism.

These resources are intended to supplement the existing curriculum on Israel, antisemitism, genocide, and the Holocaust in Texas schools.

“The future of Texas depends on the thorough education and guidance of our bright students. Working together, we can eliminate the ignorance that spurs antisemitism and bigotry through knowledge and truth,” Abbott said.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has gained renewed attention, with President Joe Biden publicly denouncing Hamas for its Oct. 7 attack, which left 1,400 people dead in Israel. Biden called the attack “sheer evil” and “sickening.” Biden has also called for additional military aid for Israel following the attacks.

Advocacy groups with differing perspectives have organized events and called for actions in response to the conflict.

The Texas-Israel Alliance organized a rally in support of Israel outside the Capitol in Austin, reflecting the diverse opinions on the conflict in Texas.

Written by RA News staff.


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