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HISD Faces Budget Cuts Of Up To 12% 

Houston Independent School District’s Superintendent Mike Miles, warned campuses will see potential funding cuts of up to 12%.

The district’s sweeping reform program, known as the New Education System (NES), further complicates the financial landscape.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Miles initiated discussions with principals at non-NES schools to allocate campus funding. The total budget for the 2024-25 school year is slated to be presented to the Board of Managers in May. Despite declining to provide an exact figure, Miles indicated a probable reduction from the previous year’s $2.2 billion budget to maintain a healthy fund balance.

“Our task is not only to ensure a balanced budget, but also to prevent reaching a fiscal cliff,” Miles remarked, alluding to previous projections indicating the depletion of the rainy day fund by 2026.

The state legislature’s failure to increase funding last year is putting HISD, like many other urban districts in a tougher predicament, since they are also facing the expiration of federal pandemic relief funds and diminishing student enrollment.

Miles emphasized that the budget would prioritize key initiatives, including enhancing student achievement, addressing underperforming schools, and safeguarding magnet programs.

“We want to make sure our schools can still operate effectively even if we have to cut school budgets a little bit,” Miles said.

While NES schools may see slight budget increases, staffing adjustments are anticipated to align with enrollment levels.

Robert Sanborn, president and CEO of Children at Risk, underscored the challenging predicament facing Superintendent Miles  “Houston has an unusual problem because it has these extraordinary schools,” Sanborn told The Houston Chronicle, acknowledging the difficult choices ahead in addressing the district’s financial constraints.

As districts grapple with the fallout, difficult decisions lie ahead in balancing budgetary constraints with educational priorities.

Written by RA News staff.


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