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Matt Rinaldi fails Texas children when he votes

Whether it’s in Washington or Austin, policymakers are treating our children as an afterthought rather than as an investment.
Investing in Texas children – our next generation of thinkers, workers, and leaders – is one of the most important responsibilities for policymakers.  We must ensure our children have the tools, training, and opportunities they need to succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive world.
However, when policymakers like State Representative Matt Rinaldi (R – Irving) receive contributions from special interest groups; he supports their views rather than all Texas children. Rinaldi claims to be “proud of [his] record of supporting education,” but it’s campaign rhetoric which fails to match the reality of his legislative votes.
Less than five years in the Texas Legislature and Matt Rinaldi has opposed numerous bills and amendments for public education:

Matt Rinaldi’s repeatedly voted to undercut, not support the educational system, but his votes against children didn’t stop there. He’s also received money from anti-science group, Texans for Vaccine Choice which supports an agenda which risks public health; and voted against helping protect homeless children who are most vulnerable to sex trafficking. Rinaldi also opposed common-sense legislation to prohibit texting while driving and seat belt legislation to ensure the safe transportation of Texas school children to and from school.
Matt Rinaldi says “our children deserve better,” and he’s right.  We need Texas policymakers to take responsibility for educating and protecting Texas children, and stop protecting corporate special interests.  We need to Reform Austin.

Written by RA News staff.


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