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Abbott Receives Record-Breaking $6 Million Donation From School Voucher Advocate

The “richest man in Pennsylvania” made a $6 million contribution to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, touted as the “largest single donation in Texas history.”

The generous check, dated December 18, originated from Jeff Yass, a national  Republican megadonor with a net worth estimated at nearly $29 billion.

Yass has a strong affinity for “school choice” initiatives. These programs aim to “empower” parents by allowing taxpayer dollars to subsidize private school costs. Abbott spent much of 2023 advocating for their implementation, with little success as he faced strong opposition primarily from state House Republicans.

Despite his efforts, a voucher initiative was ultimately stripped out of a broader education bill during a contentious special session in November. In response, Abbott has endorsed primary challengers for seven House Republicans who opposed the voucher initiative and are seeking reelection.

Abbott has always been recognized for his fundraising prowess, and has previously made headlines for securing single donations of $1 million. Over the last six months, he has raised an impressive $19 million, as reported by The Texas Tribune.

This $6 million donation is not Yass’s first contribution to Abbott, as he had previously donated $250,000 in October 2023, during Abbott’s legislative battle for school vouchers.

In addition to the substantial contributions to Abbott’s campaign, Yass also wrote a $500,000 check last month to the AFC Victory Fund, a pro-voucher super PAC expected to play a significant role in the upcoming primaries.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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