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Former Bush Advisor Matthew Dowd Teases Run Against Patrick for Lt. Gov. Seat

Matthew Dowd served as President Bush’s chief strategist during his 2004 reelection campaign and then went on to become ABC News’ chief political analyst for thirteen years.  Later on, he was vocal about his disapproval of many of Bush’s actions during the Iraq war and in recent months he blasted Gov. Abbott’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not long ago he appeared on an interview where he said that democracy is in peril and “the only fix to this is Republicans have to lose, and lose badly, in a series of elections, and I’m willing to do whatever I can, on any day I can, to make sure that happens.”

Last week, in an interview with the Texas Monthly, Dowd expressed his discomfort with Texas current leaders. He describes Abbott, Patrick, and Paxton as craven, cruel, and crook. “One’s craven. One’s cruel. And one’s a crook. And they need to go. I wish they had the gumption or wish they had the strength to resign after how much they failed the state. They won’t. So I’ll do whatever I can, in any way I can, to help in that.”

Dowd has pledged his alliance to Texas Democrats and said he would help them win in 2022, and for the looks of it, that includes a possible run for Lt. Governor. 

The 60-year-old political analyst has few kind words for Patrick, who he not only considers cruel, but a dangerous virus, “I’ve told friends that in many ways, Dan Patrick’s like the virus, and because of Greg Abbott’s weak constitution, he was completely infected by it and then didn’t do anything to cure it. He just went along with it all and now has taken it to a whole ’another level.”

Whether Dowd decides to run or not is still to be decided, but for now, it seems like Texas might finally be getting some worthy candidates to put up a fight against old politicians who are only seeking to promote their own private agendas instead of looking out for the people they actually represent.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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