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George P. Bush Is Serious About Running For Attorney General

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush says he’s seriously considering running for Attorney General. The 45-year-old Republican hasn’t made an official statement yet, but he’s sure doing his homework on Paxton and the current Attorney General’s office.

“I think character matters and integrity matters,” Bush said in a recent interview with radio host Mark Davis, “There have been some serious allegations levied against the current attorney general; personally I think that the top law enforcement official in Texas needs to be above reproach.”

The Attorney General’s office remains surrounded by scandal, starting with the fact that Ken Paxton has been under indictment for over 5 years and is currently under investigation by the FBI following accusations of bribery and abuse of power. Paxton maintains he was not involved in any wrongdoing.

Earlier this month Bush said that he was “taking a very serious look” at running for state attorney general and said he should be making his final decision “fairly soon.” 

“From my perch in Austin, I’ve seen some high-quality attorneys leave that office,” he stated. “I’ve visited with many conservative attorneys general throughout the country. They’re embarrassed by [Paxton’s] conduct, and I think Texans deserve better.”

The upcoming Attorney General’s election promises to be quite interesting, with many exciting names raising their hand to join the race. 

On the Democratic side, Galveston’s former mayor Joe Jaworski has already announced he’s challenging Paxton. Additionally, Lee Merritt, a nationally known civil rights lawyer from Collin County, said he is running for the post, although he didn’t say whether he’s running with the Democrats, Republicans, or something else entirely.

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