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Texas Democrats To Consider ‘No Preference’ Ballot Option At State Convention

Democratic delegates will vote on a proposed rule to add a “no preference” option to the party’s presidential primary ballots. The vote will take place this weekend at the Texas Democratic Convention in El Paso.

As reported by Texas Public Radio, the “no preference” option would allow Democratic primary voters to officially express dissatisfaction with the available candidates, and if approved, it will be the first time Texas Democrats implement it.

Delegate Wesley Lawrence, who introduced the proposal, highlighted the frustration some Democrats felt during the Super Tuesday primary, particularly after President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, which led many to undervote.

The Democratic Rules Committee approved the rule change 18-14.

Some delegates expressed concern over the proposed rule, as the “no preference” option could make a potential candidate look weak or could make the party look fractured.

However, delegate Tracy Miller said the option would make a candidate look stronger, not weaker. 

“It allows them to address the issue that voters have with them in the primary before it gets to the general election,” said Miller.

Supporters of the rule pointed to the example of Michigan Democratic voters who used an uncommitted option to show disapproval of Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza.

Lawrence insisted that the proposal was not “anti-Biden,” but aimed to provide more choices in future elections and give hope to disenfranchised voters.

Polling indicates Biden’s struggles with younger voters dissatisfied with his handling of various issues, including the Gaza conflict, inflation, and immigration policies.

“There’s been this trend in the last couple of years where voters are not happy with their choices on the ballot,” University of Houston Political Science professor Brandon Rottinghaus told Texas Public Radio.

Lawrence acknowledged concerns about the proposed change but believes it will energize voters and potentially make the party more progressive. “Our democracy works best when we allow people to voice their concerns,” he said.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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