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Texas Voter Registration Deadline for March Primaries Is February 3

We are now 33 days away from March 3, which, for those of you who might not know, is Texas’ Primary Election date.

In Texas, in order to be eligible to vote in the presidential primary, you must be registered by Monday, February 3, the deadline to register to vote in Texas. 

February 3 is also the deadline for voters to update their address on their voter registration. Texas voters who have moved outside of their previous county must also submit a new voter registration application by the 30 day deadline in order to be eligible to vote in their residential county.

Here’s how Texans can register to vote before Monday’s end of day deadline:

Texans have the option to fill out an application in-person at their county voter registrar’s office, print out an online application, or pick up a copy at the local library, government offices, and most post offices or high schools.

Upon receiving and filling out the application, Texans can either return it to the DPS or mail it in to their county’s Voter Registrar’s Office, postmarked by the Monday deadline.

However, registrants also have the option to request to have a postage-paid application mailed to their home to facilitate the registration process.

Note that in order to register to vote, Texans have to fill out a voter registration application and return it to the Voter Registrar’s office at least 30 days prior to their county election date.

Once registered in Texas, you are able to vote in either party’s primary, with the caveat that if the race goes to a runoff between two same-party candidates, you can only vote in the same party’s runoff.

The stakes of this election are high for Democrats and Republicans alike, as Texas takes part in a Super Tuesday presidential day of voting that could help decide the Democratic Presidential nominee and partisan candidates down ballot. 

Click here to check your voter registration status.

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