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Wildcard Kennedy Could Shake Up Texas Senate Race

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is poised to enter the ballot in Texas, and although his chances of winning Texas are slim, his candidacy introduces a wildcard element that would primarily impact the contest for the Senate seat currently held by Ted Cruz.

According to The New York Times, Kennedy entering the scene has Cruz’s campaign squirming. Why is that?

Texas has historically leaned towards Republican candidates, with Donald Trump securing the state’s vote in the last two presidential elections. However, the addition of Kennedy to the ballot could disrupt this equilibrium by attracting voters who are dissatisfied with both Trump and President Biden.

A recent poll indicated that Kennedy’s supporters were more inclined toward the Democratic challenger, Representative Colin Allred, over Cruz in the Senate race.

Kennedy’s campaign has diligently gathered signatures to meet Texas’ stringent ballot access requirements, surpassing the necessary threshold by a significant margin. While Kennedy aims to get on the ballot in every state, his efforts have faced resistance from the Democratic Party, concerned about potential implications for Biden’s re-election.

The impending deadline for submitting signatures is Monday.

Both Cruz and Allred have been vying for moderate voters, emphasizing bipartisan credentials and issues relevant to Texas constituents. Cruz, aiming to avoid complacency among Republicans, has underscored his collaborative efforts with Democrats on various legislative initiatives.

Meanwhile, Allred’s campaign has sought to appeal to Republicans and suburban women by highlighting issues such as abortion access and bipartisan achievements in healthcare and infrastructure.

As Texas gears up for its electoral contest, the presence of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. adds a layer of complexity, setting the stage for a closely watched political showdown.

Written by RA News staff.


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