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Elon Musk’s Third Master Plan Reveals New Dreams, Predictions And Promises

This Wednesday, Tesla held its first Investor Day at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. On this day, Elon Musk presented his third Master Plan, in which he shares his vision for the future of the company and his hopes for a more sustainable future, although he didn’t elaborate on the sustainable part.

In his master plan, Musk said that there is a way to a sustainable energy earth and this does not require the destruction of habitats or the need to stop using electricity. To achieve this, he said that the world would need a huge amount of battery energy storage and an investment of $10 trillion. 

Musk explained that in his dreams of the future, everyone will use an electric self-driving car – using a gas car would become obsolete. In this presentation he also talked about creating electric heat pumps, showed a video of a Tesla robot and talked about going to Mars someday, although in 2011 he had already promised that by this time he would have put a man on mars.

Musk didn’t really offer any new products or show anything about his expected Cybertruck. Some users were disappointed by the lack of Cybertrucks in this Master Plan.
Despite his promises and dreams, Musk has struggled to maintain his reputation on Twitter and keep his companies stable. In fact, Tesla fell 5% on the stock market while he was presenting his master plan.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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