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Austin Is One Of The Best Cities For Coffee In The US. Houston Is The Worst!

The only good place for coffee in Texas is Austin, as the city was ranked as the 13th best city for coffee in the U.S., according to a new study, while other major Texas cities ranked in the bottom 10. Houston was ranked as the worst city for coffee in the country.

The study, conducted by Clever, ranked 50 major U.S. cities to determine which were better for coffee consumption, using factors such as coffee shops per 100,000 people, average price of a cappuccino, average Yelp score of local coffee shops and Google Trends popularity of coffee-related words.

With 14.7 coffee shops per 100,000 people and 1.4 coffee roasters, Austin is well-prepared to meet the demands of coffee lovers. Austin scores well on almost every variable in the study except the average price of a cappuccino.

Houston, on the other hand, ranked as the absolute worst city in the U.S. for coffee. It has few coffee shops, few doughnut shops, a poor average ranking for coffee shops, and it’s expensive. Other Texas cities ranked in the bottom 10 are Dallas (46th) and San Antonio (47th).

Check out the full study to learn all about the best cities for coffee in the U.S. The study also has a tool that calculates how much your coffee is really costing you, based on your annual income.

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RA Staff
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