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​​’Conan O’Brien Must Go’: Sneak Peek of New Series Unveiled at SXSW 

Conan O’Brien, the comedian and former late-night host, is set to embark on a comedic journey like no other with his upcoming travel series, “Conan O’Brien Must Go,” premiering on Max this April 18th.

The announcement was made amidst laughter and excitement at the SXSW festival, where O’Brien shared insights into the show’s conception and his adventures abroad.

In this innovative series, O’Brien takes his wit across the globe, visiting Norway, Thailand, Argentina, and Ireland with the mission to reconnect with guests from his podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan.”

During a lively Q&A, O’Brien talked about why he shifted away from the podcast format.

“I’m a connection junkie,” he reflected. “I like to get my fix.”

The show promises a blend of laughter, cultural exploration, and spontaneous encounters. From sampling Norwegian cuisine with a local rapper to encountering exotic wildlife in Thailand, each episode offers a glimpse into O’Brien’s unique brand of comedy.

For O’Brien, the series marks a return to television following the conclusion of his TBS late-night show in 2021. However, this new venture allows him to explore his passions for podcasting and travel in a fresh and exciting way.

“I did late-night television for about 28 years,” O’Brien reflected. “But now, I want to double down on the things I’m passionate about: podcasts and travel.” This shift in focus reflects his desire to embrace new opportunities and make the most of life’s adventures.

Stay tuned for more laughs and adventures when “Conan O’Brien Must Go” premieres. It’s an international escapade you won’t want to miss!

Jovanka Palacios
Jovanka Palacios
Jovanka Palacios, a Mexican-American Politics Reporter and Managing Editor at RA's Gun Violence Watch, unveils the Capitol's inner workings. Focused on Public Education and Gun Policies, she passionately advocates for informed dialogue, delivering concise, impactful insights into the intricate political landscape.


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