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Forbes Names Houston And Dallas In Worst Driving List

Driving in Texas is definitely not the best experience in the world, and now a report by Forbes Advisor has just ranked two Texas cities as some of the worst cities to drive in the US.

According to Forbes’ list, Houston and Dallas are among the 10 worst cities to drive in the U.S. Houston ranked 5th, while Dallas ranked 9th.

According to the report, Houston drivers spend 74 hours a year stuck in traffic, have the 11th longest average commute at 30 minutes and 9 seconds, and have few auto repair shops.

Houston also has one of the worst access to car maintenance and drivers spend the 1st highest amount on gas due to traffic congestion at $1,257 per year.

Dallas, for its part, has one of the worst car insurance premiums and is the 10th worst city for overall safety, with 14.84 fatal car accidents per 100,000 city residents. Dallas also has one of the slowest average downtown speeds at 16 mph.

With two spots in the top ten, Texas is definitely one of the worst states for driving, competing only with California, which also has two cities in the top ten.

Forbes found that the worst city to drive in is Oakland, California.

“Drivers in Oakland, California have the worst driving experience out of the 47 cities we evaluated, thanks to its high number of fatal car accidents, steep gas prices and a high average commute time workers face each day,” the report says.

The study examined data for the 50 most populous cities in categories such as driving experience, safety, cost of car ownership and access to car maintenance.

Written by RA News staff.


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