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Foul-Mouthed Texans: Is Texas The Cursing Capital Of America?

Yes, Texas is the state where most people use profanities while speaking. Are you surprised? Maybe you’re not, if you are used to Texan “hospitality”.

According to a study conducted by, Texans use more curses than the average American, and more than any other state. To reach this conclusion, the team delved into the social media site Reddit to see how many people used bad words.

The study found that there were about 4,734 curse words in 691 posts reviewed for Texas, having an average of 6.9 curse words per post. Texas is followed by Ohio with an average of 6.7 and then by Florida with 6.5.

But all this stays in the realm of Reddit, and may not affect how people talk in reality, we all know that it is easier to insult people in social media.

Another study conducted by WordTips analyzed Twitter data and they reached different results, with Georgia being the sweariest state. Texas did not make it in the top ten, it was placed in the spot number 14.

But counting only cities, El Paso ranked as the fourth city that swears the most.

The WordTips study found that the favorite swear word for Texans was “fuck”.

What do you think of these studies? Do they reflect reality? Are people in Texas really  that sweary?

Written by RA News staff.


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