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Meet The Friendliest Shop Cats In Houston!

Houston has a lot of shop cats, some of them just live in a store, while others have jobs like greeting customers or working the cash register. You can find these furry friends in coffee shops, stores, and even car washes! Here are some of the friendliest shop cats in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle!

Patsy “Catsy” Cline at Doshi House

Doshi House is a beautiful café where you can find Patsy “Catsy” Cline. She came to the café last summer and has made it her home. The staff even raised money to buy her a cat house for the winter. She is super friendly and loves to pose for pictures with guests. She loves to sit on laps and laptops.

Taco in the Enchanted Forest

Taco is the “resident mouser & register manager” at Enchanted Forest, where you can buy plants and fairy houses. Taco has his place near the cash register, where he greets customers and lets you pet him while you pay. He loves neck scratches and belly rubs.

Casper at the Aqua Hand Car Wash

Casper was found by Aqua Car Wash employees when he was a little kitten that had been beaten up, and now he lives happily at the car wash. He is usually in the waiting area, so he is the perfect companion when you go in to get your car washed. He loves attention and belly rubs.

Minnie at Southland Hardware

Minnie arrived at Southland Hardware in 2022 and now lives in a miniature version of the store that serves as her cat house. She usually stays there at night and waits at the door for the staff every morning.

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RA Staff
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