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Texas Cities Ranked As Top Winter Vacation Spots!

Austin and three other Texas cities were ranked as some of the best winter vacation destinations in the US, according to a recent report.

Austin was placed as the third best destination for people looking for warmer places in their winter vacation in the 2023 edition of WalletHub’s “Best Winter Holiday Destinations”. Dallas-Fort Worth was placed in the fourth spot, while San Antonio was placed in fifth and Houston in eighth.

With plenty of things to do in Texas’ cities, there is no doubt that they are amazing destinations for people seeking places to relax or to have some adventures. Plus, Texas destinations offer the lowest travel costs and hassles in the list, making them accessible for all people.

While Texas cities are ranked among the best for warmth-lovers, if Texans would like to spend their vacations in a colder place, the study also has a list for best vacation spots for cold-lovers. The best places to travel if you’re looking for a colder place are Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, or Denver.

The study used variables like travel costs & hassles, local costs, weather, attractions and activities present in the cities, such as restaurants, parks, sports and music venues.

Written by RA News staff.


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