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The Biggest Tourist Traps In Texas, According To RA News Followers

Texas is a very attractive destination for tourists in the country, and even for Texans that want to visit the biggest cities, but not everything is as perfect as it seems, as Texas might be full of tourist traps.

Last Tuesday, we asked our followers on Facebook: “What are some of the biggest tourist traps in Texas?”, and thanks to your answers, we know what not to visit in Texas, so here are some of the biggest tourist traps in the Lone Star State, according to you, true Texans.


While Buc-ee’s is deeply Texan, it might be just too Texan for the common American mind to comprehend. Yes, it’s a great place and yes, the restrooms are awesome, but in reality it is just essential if you want to gas up your car and grab some snacks for the road.

You can still visit Buc-ee’s, but we would not make it a top priority, just go to a rodeo or a barbeque.

The River Walk

You might have seen pictures of San Antonio’s River Walk, and you most certainly thought “oh, that looks so cute, I want to drink a margarita there”. And the walk is indeed cute, and Margaritas are always a plus, but you’re falling directly into the trap. The place is just an excuse to destroy your wallets with overpriced margaritas and no public bathrooms so you run to restaurants paying for more overpriced food. The place is also full of other poor, unaware tourists, making the place not that pleasant and surely not the true-Texan experience you are looking for.

The Capitol

Well, the Texas State Capitol ranked number 92 in the America’s Favorite Architecture list, and it’s the highest ranked Texas building in the list. While it surely is an impressive building, some of our followers commented that it is full of “roaches”, “liars”, “hypocrites”, “unimpeached criminals” and more nasty things. Be sure to appreciate the building from the outside and do not interact with those “nasty things.”

Well, these are just some of the tourist traps mentioned by our followers. What other tourist traps should we be aware of?

Written by RA News staff.


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